Software Development

RSI’s core software development expertise includes custom web, mobile, and device-based software solutions designed to add value to an Enterprise. We leverage our consulting backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, software development, quality management, logistics, and analysis to help Businesses and Government invest in growth and efficiency. Our process is agile and our designs are rigorously assessed for security weaknesses. Our offerings include:

• Software Architecture, Design and Development
• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Plug-ins for Off-the-shelf Software
• Vulnerability Assessment
• IT Consulting
• Analytics

• Extract-Transform-Load
• Database Administration
• Application and Data Hosting
• E-Commerce
• Social Media
• Business Process Management Automation

Although well versed in many technologies, we typically use the following for new projects:

• PHP/Python
• Kohana Framework
• Django
• PostgreSQL

• Apache
• Subversion/Git
• jQuery

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