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Rohmann Services, Inc.(RSI) was founded and incorporated in the State of Texas in March of 1982. Our founders brought with them over 100 years ofGovernment contracting experience. RSI was founded on the fundamental belief that to succeed we must provide the customer with a service that exceeds their requirements. We constantly and consistently strive to perfect our technical capabilities ensuring our customers nothing less than the highest quality service. We are well aware that our strongest asset is our personnel and make every effort to keep our employees motivated, educated, and positioned on the leading edge of today's ever-accelerating technology. RSI derives 95 percent of our income from the performance of Government contracts.

Rohmann Services is an agile technical services firm with six distinct functional areas of excellence coupled with 31 years of exceptional performance behind us. Our corporate management team’s experience spans over 180 years working with the Department of Defense. We have a full understanding and deep appreciation for the Government’s needs and requirements. Each customer’s success depends on our personnel, and thus we make every effort to keep them motivated, educated, and positioned on the leading edge of technology.

We meet the qualifications of a Small Business as specified by the United States Small Business Administration and as set forth in Chapter 19 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations. RSI maintains the highest standards required by the DSS for processing highly restricted data. Our corporate headquarters are located at 2349 South W.W. White Road in San Antonio, Texas

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