Engineering, Operation and Maintenance

RSI has decades of experience with complex, unique equipment installation, operation and maintenance.  Below is a list of equipment we currently support.

A-10 Software Development Lab Support

RSI provides engineering support to the A-10 System Integration Laboratory (SIL) at Hill A-10_Thunderbolt_II_In-flight-2AFB. We support test software systems and support peripherals to include a full scale hardware-in-the-loop test environment for the software development team. We support the Shop Replaceable Units (SRU), Line Replaceable Units (LRU), and provide troubleshooting and engineering at the system level. We also maintain a full-scale A-10 Fuselage instrument testbed which supports software testing.

Human Centrifuge


RSI operates and maintains a Human Centrifuge which simulates dynamic maneuvering loads for conducting human response research.  The centrifuge provides the following capability:

  • Acceleration: +1 to +30 g
  • Acceleration onset rate: 0.1 to 6.0 g/s

The Centrifuge has the following characteristics:

  • Radius: 6.1 m
  • Gondola Volume: 7.2 cu m
  • Payload: 680 kg
  • Peak Power: 1.5 MW
  • Operating Mode: Piloted or Programmed

Altitude Chambers

RSI operates and maintains several large-scale altitude chambers which enable life humidity_chamber_smsupport RTD&E for human and equipment performance assessment.  The chambers provide the following capabilities:

  • Altitude: to 100,000 ft
  • Temperature: -67°F to +150°F
  • Humidity: 2% to 98%
  • Personnel: 20
  • Simulation parameters: Altitude, bleed air pressure, bleed air temperature, ambient temperature in OBOGS compartment.
  • Automated data acquisition

Public Address

RSI operates, maintains, and installs complex public address equipment.  At the Air Force Academy, we maintain all PA equipment for an 18,000 acre installation supporting a community of 25,000.  We installed and operate PA equipment for Falcon Stadium, football headsets, and indoor warning (Falcon Voice).

Proximity Locks

RSI administers, operates, maintains, and installs the Proximity Lock system for USAFA.  We maintain the database, readers, and access cards for thousands of personnel on campus.  We take directive guidance from security forces to accomplish our mission.

A/V Installation and Maintenance

RSI performs dozens of installation projects each year, including outdoor warning (Giant Voice), cable TV, closed-circuit TV, surveillance video, video projectors, video teleconferencing, satellite farm, display projectors, and a large variety of indoor/outdoor events, including CORONA.

Telephone Management

RSI administers hundreds of cell phone contracts for the USAF.  We also administer/maintain/repair trunked and conventional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems.

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